Mokete – Director of Bachelor Mag

Director of Bachelor Mag

Tam, I don’t even know how I could ever thank you.






Melanie Veludo – Proud Mom

Oh my word Tam… I am actually tearful looking at these photo’s… How beautiful are they!

Kirsten Koetsier – Head of Communication and Foundation

Head of Communication and Foundation.

Deutsche Bank in South Africa has worked with Tamaryn Ried on a variety of photo briefs and branding requirements over the past four years. Her images are exceptional - she manages to catch the emotion and mood of the brief. We have received regular feedback from our off-shore teams on the power and professional quality of her work.

Qanita – Account Manager at Stretch

Account Manager at Stretch

Apart from being an exceptionally talented photographer, Tam is an absolute pleasure to work with. She comes with a smile on her face, a can-do attitude and discretely gets on with the job at hand. She always delivers beautiful photographs and my clients have requested her services on multiple occasions. She has an impeccable eye for detail and will not stop until she has taken the perfect picture.